Guarantee Management in Public Tender

Through the alliance with our partner Soluciones Operativas y Tecnologías a medida (SOTAM), we offer an additional service of a consultancy specialising in improving businesses’ treasury management.

We provide a comprehensive service, including application, management, recovery and cancellation of the guarantee or surety insurance, and we are supported by software that aids in the monitoring and control throughout every step of the process.

Thanks to this alliance, the services offered are positioned as a reference in terms of providing support in everything related to the management and/or outsourcing of tenders, bids, and guarantees for all companies that are and want to be suppliers of the various state, regional and local public administrations.


Customer Reviews

We value all of our customer reviews:
Thanks to the professionals at GESYLIC, we won contracts for several linear projects in different autonomous communities.
Construction Industry Tender
Hemos resultado adjudicatarios de varios contratos de limpieza en nuestra provincia gracias a GESYLIC y su equipo.
Licitación sector limpieza
We are very satisfied with the work carried out by GESYLIC to obtain the contract that we had set our hopes on.
Transport Sector Tender
It's worth highlighting the sense of reassurance that a team with over 25 years of experience in the public tendering sector transmits.
Maintenance Sector Tender
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