Cost calculation and feasibility study

Delving only into the cost analysis, we can make appropriate decisions when participating in a tender or submitting an offer.

Our service encompasses everything from the simple direct cost analysis (personnel, machinery, materials) to the complex economic-financial feasibility analyses (NPV – IRR).

In addition, we draw up the possible outcome scenarios and the score calculation for each evaluable criterion. All of this allows us to fine tune our offer until we are sure of attaining our goal of being awarded the contract.

Cost Calculation and Feasibility Study | GESYLIC

Economic offer and evaluable criteria through formulas

Economic offers and proposals that are evaluated through formulas require in-depth analysis.

2. Visit the locations and photo report

4. Hypothesis of outcome scenarios Application of the formula and forecast of competitor behaviour

5. Forecast of the winning figure bracket and risk chart

Customer Reviews

We value all of our customer reviews:
Thanks to the professionals at GESYLIC, we won contracts for several linear projects in different autonomous communities.
Construction Industry Tender
Hemos resultado adjudicatarios de varios contratos de limpieza en nuestra provincia gracias a GESYLIC y su equipo.
Licitación sector limpieza
We are very satisfied with the work carried out by GESYLIC to obtain the contract that we had set our hopes on.
Transport Sector Tender
It's worth highlighting the sense of reassurance that a team with over 25 years of experience in the public tendering sector transmits.
Maintenance Sector Tender
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