Tendering is the process used by the public administration, and more and more private companies to contract projects, services or supplies. It is essentially a comparison of offers whose process is completely standardised and regulated by Law 9/2017.

The fundamental objective of tendering is to guarantee transparency and fair competition.

Working with the public administration has many advantages, but also some inconveniences:



There are a multitude of aspects that can be overlooked in the tender submission. Our method develops the tender starting with the objective of obtaining the maximum score and delve into each of the aspects that will result in our attaining the best evaluation.

We don’t want you to move on; we want to work with you over the long run. This is why we need to win bids quickly and earn your trust.

Our proposal: Outsourcing

We specialise in the development, submission and follow-up of tenders and we have the experience and the means to assure the best outcome. With us, you know you’re making an investment and that our goal is the same as yours.

Our methodology


Our level of successful bids depends greatly upon the continuity of service. We achieve the best outcomes with those clients with whom we work on a continual basis. In these cases, we have an over 60% success rate.

Leave it to us. The public client needs your company. We will showcase you company to win the contract.

Customer Reviews

We value all of our customer reviews:

Thanks to the professionals at GESYLIC, we won contracts for several linear projects in different autonomous communities.

Construction Industry Tender

Hemos resultado adjudicatarios de varios contratos de limpieza en nuestra provincia gracias a GESYLIC y su equipo.

Licitación sector limpieza

We are very satisfied with the work carried out by GESYLIC to obtain the contract that we had set our hopes on.

Transport Sector Tender

It's worth highlighting the sense of reassurance that a team with over 25 years of experience in the public tendering sector transmits.

Maintenance Sector Tender

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